Monarch Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Monarch Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

The butterfly has a spiritual meaning which goes beyond its physical appearance. Butterflies are a sign of new beginnings and growth, as well as a symbol of the soul.

The first thing to remember about butterflies is that their life cycle begins with a caterpillar.

This process starts from the bottom left, going clockwise: egg → larva/caterpillar → pupa (chrysalis) → adult butterfly.

Within this life cycle, there are many levels of symbolism to look at when trying to find what it means in your life or dreams.

When you think about it, each stage represents something different within us all on our journey through life.

1 – Egg

One interpretation for seeing an egg is that there has been some sort of loss within your life.

It could be the loss of something material or emotional, but there will be some sort of lesson to be learned from this event.

2 – Larva/Caterpillar

black and white caterpillar on green leaf

The next stage is where metamorphosis begins and what has happened in the egg stage serves as a catalyst for change within us all.

This change could come in many ways; personal experiences, dreams, sudden realizations, etc.

What matters is that you realize that your life needs to move forward into the next stage—the caterpillar symbolizes the beginning phases of our own personal transformation process.

3 – Pupa (Chrysalis)

When you see a chrysalis, it means you need to undergo some sort of transformation.

You are aware that things aren’t quite right in your life, and you feel a change needs to happen to move forward.

This stage usually comes after the caterpillar stage, when we have gained some sort of wisdom from our experiences.

The chrysalis suggests that you will soon burst forth from this shell stronger, more resilient, wiser, and with a new lease on life—ready for what lies ahead in your spiritual journey.

4 – Adult Butterfly

By definition, a butterfly is a flying insect of the order Lepidoptera which undergo metamorphosis. Butterflies symbolize renewal, rebirth, and change.

Our lives are full of many upheavals, large and small; these insects teach us that by taking advantage of each occasion, we can transform ourselves into beautiful beings ready for whatever may lie ahead.

As you can see, the butterfly has a spiritual meaning which goes beyond its physical appearance.

Butterflies are a sign of new beginnings and growth, as well as a symbol of the soul. They suggest that there is something within us all waiting to be transformed through our experiences in life.

By taking control of our circumstances instead of feeling victimized by them, we can come out stronger on the other side—ready to take flight into the next stage of our lives.

Monarch Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

monk walking near buntings during day
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1 – Monarch butterflies are a sign of beauty, spiritual strength, and endurance. They also suggest that all difficulties end in time.

This is because the monarch, like all insects, goes through five stages before it reaches its full potential—egg, larva/caterpillar, pupa (chrysalis), adult butterfly.

For this reason alone, they are a symbol of transformation.

2 – The monarch butterfly also has another connection to spirituality in that there are many belief systems that have assigned their own meanings to these beautiful creatures within their mythologies.

Both the Greeks and Egyptians had gods representing them with wings suggesting flight or travel between the physical world and the spirit realm—something which takes us out of time and into the eternal.

3 – The Aztecs also viewed the butterfly as a spiritual creature and not just because it symbolizes transformation.

They believed that at their death, butterflies would be one of the forms their souls would take when they reached Mictlan (the underworld) and turned into ghosts or spirits.

This is seen in many paintings which depict this transition—a black butterfly flying away from a dead body to signify the soul leaving this world to start another journey.

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4 – Buddhists consider the monarch butterfly to be an incarnation of Kuan Yin (or Quan Am), meaning “mother who listens to our problems.” In Chinese folk mythology, Kuan Yin has the power to hear people’s voices, and she protects those who pray to her. She is known by different names in other cultures, including the “Goddess of Mercy” and the “Lady who regards all with compassion.”

Kuan Yin is often represented by a figure surrounded by many butterflies, each one carrying a petition to her. This symbolizes how she has the power to grant every prayer that is asked of her. Butterflies are used as well in Buddhist scripture to represent wishes getting granted this way.

5 – Monarch butterfly spiritual meaning also falls into Greek mythology, with nymphs being assigned these insects for escorts within their realm. Nymphs were nature spirits responsible for rivers, forests, wild animals, etc. They helped protect the inhabitants of their domains from harm.

Narcissus was a young man who would spend his days staring at his reflection in a pool. One day as he was admiring himself, he gazed too long and fell in love with what he saw, causing him to fade away and die. His spirit transformed into a flower (daffodil), and butterflies would forever decorate the leaves of this plant because they were now messengers between lovers—bringing messages from those who had passed on.

Monarch Butterfly Dream Interpretation

1 – If you dream about monarch butterflies, it suggests that you are undergoing changes as well as dealing with new beginnings both internally as well as externally. This is not always an easy process, but if there are many butterflies around you, it signifies that transformation can occur without much discomfort or loss of energy.

2 – If you are chasing after monarch butterflies in your dream, it symbolizes the need to be more spontaneous in waking life. You may have too many responsibilities weighing you down, which is keeping you from enjoying some leisure time.

3 – If a monarch butterfly lands on you, this means that someone is watching over you and protecting you spiritually—a sign that whatever path that you are currently taking will eventually lead to success.

4 – A butterfly flying near or around your home signifies that harmony is present within your domestic life, while one flying away indicates some disturbance between family members.

5 – Dreaming of a dead butterfly could mean that someone has passed away whom you thought was indestructible and invincible. This person played an important role in shaping who you were, and now you are left feeling alone and disoriented after their departure.

6 – If you witness several dead butterflies lying on the ground, it implies that you are neglecting your spiritual needs and not spending enough time nurturing your soul. It may be time to start meditating as well as exploring your relationship with God or a higher being.

7 – If you see many monarch butterflies trapped in a room, this suggests that you have been feeling imprisoned by the conflicts happening around you. You need to break away from all the drama and chaos surrounding you and make a fresh start. Monarch butterflies symbolize transformation, freedom, and hope.

8 – To dream of releasing a butterfly implies that some obstacle is going to prevent you from achieving your goal of successfully completing a project—you will need to find another way of doing things.

9 – To catch a monarch butterfly in your dream means that someone is getting under your skin which makes it difficult for you to release them from your thoughts—this person may be harboring some feelings for you or feels that they still have a claim to your heart.

10 – If you are trying to capture a butterfly in a net but can’t, it denotes how someone is teasing you with their attention which makes it impossible for you to get over them.

11 – To dream of monarch butterflies carrying messages between lovers suggests that there is an emotional tie growing stronger with someone special—it might turn romantic soon. Butterflies represent new beginnings, transformation, and hope.

12 – If you dream of a monarch butterfly chrysalis, it foretells that you will soon be exposed to some emotionally charged information about yourself—it may even be something hidden from your conscious memory and, therefore, difficult to comprehend.

13 – To see a dead monarch butterfly chrysalis in your dream symbolizes the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. This may coincide with awakening or reawakening within yourself. You must now learn how to accept all the changes taking place around you.

14 – Dreaming that you see a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis suggests that there is great hope for the future—a new stage in life has begun, thus making it easier to overcome past hurts and pains.

15 – If you dream of a monarch butterfly fluttering away, it suggests that you are finally beginning to let go and move on from an old situation that has been dragging you down.

16 – Seeing a monarch butterfly flying around your house foretells that the love and affection shared between family members will be growing stronger. You must nourish this bond by spending quality time together and establishing some traditions within your immediate family life.

17 – To see hundreds of butterflies swarming around you denotes that you have plenty of potentials to accomplish great things in life—you just need to make the decision to pursue your goals and watch them become a reality.

18 – Dreaming of thousands of butterflies fluttering all around signifies abundance, prosperity, grace, and beauty. Your happy-go-lucky attitude has earned you the favor of others.

19 – Seeing a purple butterfly in your dream symbolizes optimism and self-assurance. You will meet obstacles and challenges head-on and emerge victoriously. It also indicates transformation, spiritual growth, and personal freedom.

20 – To see a blue butterfly in your dream signifies serenity and peace of mind. You are ready to confront problems without any fear or hesitation. It is time for you to explore new opportunities.

21 – A yellow butterfly in your dream represents happiness, contentment, and joyous feelings about an upcoming event. The dream may also serve as a warning that you should not be complacent or get careless with something that can affect your future positively.

22 – A white butterfly in your dream suggests that you are letting go of some past negative behavior or bad habits. You are feeling pure and unencumbered, thus allowing yourself to act with more compassion.

23 – To see a broken, damaged or crushed butterfly in your dream denotes that you are unable to fully appreciate the beauty and wonder of life. You may be going through a tough time right now and need to take extra good care of yourself.

beautiful woman with butterfly on her nose
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24 – Dreaming of a monarch butterfly cocoon symbolizes new growth within a relationship or project—it will protect you from all outside distractions except for the ones emanating from within. This is an ideal time for introspection, meditation, and re-evaluating your options from every angle possible before making any hasty decisions.

25 – To see a monarch butterfly emerging from its cocoon in your dream signifies transformation, spiritual growth, and personal freedom. You are about to embark on a new journey filled with mystery and enchantment.

26 – Seeing caterpillars crawling all over you in your dream implies that you are too possessive or clingy with someone or something within your life. You must learn to let go, for this situation is preventing other people from being beneficial to you.

27 – If you see butterflies fluttering around rotting food, it foretells that you will soon be exposed to some emotionally charged information about yourself—it may even be something hidden from your conscious memory and, therefore, difficult to comprehend. You need to grasp what is being presented to you with an open mind and heart.

28 – To see or dream that the butterflies are landing on you suggests that you are in need of some rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You may be pushing yourself too hard lately, trying to do everything at once. Stop for a moment and take time out to care for your well-being. Your priority is your health first before anything else.

29 – If you hear monarch butterflies chirping in your house, it foretells that some unexpected activity will be taking place soon—something unforeseen might happen which could change your current situation. What is happening right now seems like just playing or recreation, but it could actually mean something more serious, so beware.

30 – If you find yourself chasing after yellow butterflies in your dream, then it symbolizes the joy and enthusiasm you feel about something in your waking life. It may also be a metaphor for someone who is hard to get and thus making you run after them.

31 – To see dead butterflies lying on the floor signifies that an aspect of yourself has passed away or some aspect of your life is no longer needed. Perhaps you need to put this behind you and move forward.

32 – If there are numerous monarch butterflies flying around in your dream, then it means that good times with friends will help brighten up your day. The dream may also represent rejuvenation, transformation, and new beginnings.

33 – If there are many different species of butterflies fluttering around in your dream, then it indicates that you are entering a new stage in your life. There will be an influx of positive energy coming into your life which will help rejuvenate, reenergize and change you for the better.

34 – To dream that butterflies land on you means that someone is trying to express their feelings of love to you, but they do not know how. They feel nervous and attracted to you at the same time—they just need a little push from you.

35 – A butterfly flying toward people suggests that some timely news will soon reach those affected. It may also signify the birth of a baby, joy, and hope for everyone involved.

36 – If a butterfly flies away from you after landing on your arm, it implies that something good has touched your life for a brief moment, but it has already moved on. Perhaps someone was attracted to you at one point in time, but they are no longer interested.

butterfly flies away from you after landing on your arm
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37 – If you see or dream that butterflies are fighting, then it symbolizes that goodwill and harmony will be restored soon. All the chaos is coming to an end so hang in there.

38 – To see frightened butterflies in your dream means that something new is coming up soon, which you have not experienced yet. You may feel uneasy about this, but there is nothing really to fear because everything will work out fine in the end.

39 – To see dancing monarch butterflies in your dream suggests that something exciting is happening within your social circle. It also represents togetherness, unity, and cooperation.

40 – To dream that a monarch butterfly is flying away from you signifies drifting apart, separation and loneliness. A chapter of your life has ended, and the other has just begun.

41 – If you see an injured or dying butterfly in your dream, then it implies that you are going through some emotional turmoil right now. You may be experiencing hurt feelings, loss, and mourning.

42 – To see butterflies landing on dead plants suggests that there will soon be joyous news for all those who are grieving over the loss of one particular person or thing. This good news will bring happiness to everyone involved.

43 – If there is a small cocoon with different color butterflies fluttering around inside it, then it means that you need to keep your social circle small for now.

44 – If there are many butterflies all over you, then it means that someone is trying to get your attention. They like you, but they do not know how to express themselves at this point in time.

45 – To see monarch butterflies flying around your head signifies rejuvenation, transformation, and rebirth. You will soon be starting fresh or experiencing something brand new.

46 – If you see different color butterflies flying side by side with each other in your dream, then it means that the changes occurring right now are quite significant. Everyone involved should learn to accept them humbly without getting too emotional about it.

47 – To hear the fluttering of butterfly wings in your dream represents luck and blessings coming into your life. You may be going through some difficulties at the moment, but things will soon get better for you.

48 – To dream that butterflies are surrounding you suggests that there is positivity surrounding your life right now. Your outlook on yourself and what you do is being more highly regarded by others.

49 – To see butterfly chrysalises in your dream indicates that something about yourself or someone else still needs to incubate or develop further before it can emerge into its full potential.

50 – According to Freudian symbolism, dreaming of a monarch butterfly represents the mother’s vagina because monarchs begin their lives as worm-like larvae which crawl all over her during mating season, which is directly connected to human sexuality.

Monarch Butterfly Totem / Animal Spirit

The monarch butterfly totem has to do with the ability to communicate effectively with others, using proper judgment when necessary. Being able to step into someone else’s shoes is important—understanding how they feel and why they think the way that they do.

It takes great courage to stand up for what you believe in, even when it means standing alone against differing opinions. Monarch butterflies also represent unselfishness in giving of yourself by sharing your gifts without expecting anything in return.

dreams about monarch butterflies may indicate a separation or loss within relationships, which can be
Monarch butterfly’s meaning is more than just a symbol of transformation and change. It can also represent love, protection, beauty, hope, and happiness, as well as the human soul transitioning from one realm to another.


The meaning of the monarch butterfly as a spirit animal teaches us to work with our inner strength, transforming ourselves from within and becoming better human beings.

In other words, it is about self-improvement. The Monarch Butterfly totem also wants you to be more accepting towards those who are not like you or those who may seem to be different from what you would expect them to be.

If you have a Monarch butterfly as a totem, then your life path will involve taking risks and doing things that can bring you great joy even though they may cause some anxiety along the way!

To dream that a monarch butterfly is flying away from you signifies drifting apart, separation and loneliness. A chapter of your life has ended, and the other has just begun.

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