How to take a spiritual bath

How To Take A Spiritual Bath

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How to take a spiritual bath. Ever taken a spiritual bath? If you are yet to, I bet you are in for a treat.

A spiritual bath is a ritual emanating in ancient times though it has diversified and changed most of its aspects;

however, the core idea and result remain the same. It’s a physical ritual meant to cleanse your spirit and mind.

Water therapy dates back to Roman times where the government provided public baths for citizens.

Bathing in ancient history was used in a therapeutic practice called balneotherapy.

A spiritual bath should thus not be confused with a regular bath.

Once the ingredient and the preparation method are distinct, and the motive as well is different.

You have to be present and mindful through every step of the process. The bath involves several physical elements meant to enhance psychic power.

Some of the ingredients used are candles, herbs, oils, salts, crystals, flowers, and so much more.

The baths are done depending on spiritual phases; for instance, most spiritualists recommend certain phases of the moon as the best time to have the bath, and they say in such moments, you will receive a deeper understanding and exposure to the spirit world.

Different cultures across the world use the spirit bath as a means to clean their spirits, clean their souls, and ultimately clear their minds from stressful situations.

It’s an excellent practice when someone has gone through a tough situation like loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or other tragic incidents that have tough mental effects.

Spiritual baths use water considered sacred and pure. The tub, on the other hand, must be clean and clutter-free.

In addition to the water, all the ingredients are then added, and then you ensure no distractions regardless.

You stay this time away from your phone or any electronic gadget. It’s similar to a meditation mode.

During this time, you just need to unplug from worldly activities and focus on your internal healing.

One goal you should always have before the spiritual bath is cleaning your mind to attract positivity.

Difference Between A Spiritual Bath And A Regular Bath

Most people take a bath twice or thrice a day. A regular bath takes at most five minutes.

A shower is the most common way to take a bath due to its easiness and cleanliness.

Showers are done for basic hygienic practices and as a means to relax your body muscles from the day’s hard work.

Spiritual baths, as stated above, are much different. The mode of wash might be similar, but the goal and time taken are different.

Unlike a regular shower that promotes hygiene and revitalizes your body energy, the spiritual; bath revitalizes your spiritual senses.

The bath will climax with a refreshing and rejuvenating sense of inner peace.

Before the spiritual bath?

Before kicking off, set the space right. Make sure the tub is sparkling clean.

Clean up, straighten your countertops, and bring on your treasures and things that you want to be around you during this special healing moment.

Some people bring crystals, plants, candles, and other different things.

You can pick different things depending on the energy you want to bring on to the bath.

Choose your scent. The air you want to breathe during the practice matters.

There are different ways to bring out a perfect scent to your surrounding.

You can diffuse essential oils into bathing water, use certain flowers, burn incense with your favorite scent, use scented candles, and many other options.

The scent should make you feel great.

Play a relaxing surround sound. Listen to the appropriate surround meditation music. Do not put up with distracting music.

Prepare a long playlist with binaural beats that will keep you concentrated and focus on the practice.

Songs with lyrics might be a distraction. Look for music with pure instrumentals, wind instruments, acoustic guitar, among others.

Music has healing power. It brings a sense of calm to relaxing environments. Set a peaceful low volume.

How to Take a Spiritual Bath

First, prepare for the bath

Most cultures take spiritual baths on a new moon. The new moon brings along new beginnings and is always a time for goal setting as well as a moment to envision and put goals for the future in line.

A new moon is a time for rejuvenation. This is all that is need when preparing to take a bath. Ensure you tune your mind to starting something different afresh.

This is a moment to thrive and achieve your goals.

During this stage, make sure you have your groundwork set and declutter your living space, clean up your tub and bring on board anything you would like to stick around during the practice.

It’s advisable to first take a preliminary regular shower for physical body cleansing.

Use the ingredients

A spiritual bath is as unique as the ingredients used. This is the stage where you gather your materials together and mix them for a perfect feel.

Add hot water to around 3″, add their salts and finish up with a warm water layer.

Another option would be first filling up the whole tub with water at your desired temperature and then add up relevant salts to the top.

It may take time before the ingredients fill up, so make sure to gather everything around.

Next, mix the oil with the right compliments to fill up the atmosphere with an exciting feel.

Put all the candles, crystal, and smudge sticks or burnt incense in position and mix salts and oils with the water.

Set up a spiritual bath ambiance and stir in the ingredients

Set up a spiritual bath ambiance and stir in the ingredients

At this point, set up anything you need to enhance your bath.

This is when to ensure you have the right music in the background, open windows to allow free air circulation and a soothing breeze.

You can also light candles to complete the ambiance setup.

This is also the time you choose to bring on a quick, energetic cleanse through a lighting sage, incense, Palo Santo, and others hers through smudging.

Ensure the smooth form of the herbs and incense fills the room as your drag it over the water, then have it on one side on a fire-safe dish.

Smoke is an ancient belief that believes in bringing a spiritual opening and connection.

Mix the ingredients with your spiritual water. There are many salt blends in the market for a perfect bath.

Use essential herbs and oils too. Some people but customized mixture are a single unit recipe, but it is advisable to do it yourself.

Choose the ingredients your wish to use and make a perfect blend.

Mix the ingredients slowly while being mindful and cautiously thinking about the intention and end goal you intend to achieve.

The spiritual bath doesn’t start when you get in the water, but in the process of preparation, by the time you get to the water, you should be deep in meditation.

An energy and goal visualization is also a perfect way to handle this preparation stage.

Say a prayer before getting in the water

While still mixing and stirring the ingredients, use the time to say a mantra, declare what you want to achieve, say a blessing or a prayer.

This should be done aloud. The prayer should relate to your end goal and, more so, what your desire to achieve in the new moon. What is your intention for the spiritual bath?

Take a bath for around 20 to 30 minutes

Take a bath for around 20 to 30 minutes

Once everything is set in place, get in the water and allow your body to adjust to the water temperatures.

Keep your body submerged to blend in with the appropriate temperatures.

This is the moment you clear up your mind and relax for great meditation.


Spiritual baths knowns no hurry. Once done with the bath, relax and allow your body to dry naturally.

Allowing your body to breathe revitalizes your body muscles and gives you new energy. Once completely dry, rest your body for at least 30 minutes.

Here you may just need to rest and breathe.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients

Salt: the most powerful spiritual bath ingredient I using natural salt. Salt helps remove any negative debris on your body.

This is tested and proved practice across different cultures.

Try using natural sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and Epsom salt; these are easily available and much affordable.

Do not attempt to use table salt, though. Natural table salt contains anti-caking agents.

It is also refined and thus has the most important minerals removed.

2 to 3 handfuls of natural unrefined salt should work fine.

Baking soda.

Baking soda combines sodium and bicarbonate ions.

The ions dissolve in water through stirring and have fantastic impacts t the body, both physically and energetically.

A quarter cup to 2 cups should be enough to revitalize the entire body.

Baking soda is readily available in local retail stores.


A spiritual bath is characterized by essential oils.

Whole buds are boiled in water to produce a perfect essence with a relaxation effect following by an exciting breeze of calming effect.

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Lavender cools down your mental and emotional space.

Have enough of it to boost the right aroma.


Some cultures add to the oils fresh pink and red carnations.

For a perfect aroma, boil the carnation in water mixed with honey and coconut milk.

Mix the mixture with boiling water and keep it up to soothe your inner being.

The mixture is said to bring healing to a broken heart.


Try boiled red and pink rose petals.

Continuously boil the flower until the pink or red color gets off the petals.

A warm bath in this mixture uplifts your mood and helps your think straight.

It kicks out any negativity and brings an extra aroma.

Natural herbs.

Natural herbs are a great addition to a spiritual bath.

Herbs have been used over the years in different cultures for mind relaxation and soul healing.

They are common among the Buddhist religion for meditation and plant medicine.

There are many plant herbs to choose from.

It’s amazing what effect a plant can have on your mind and body.

Types of Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths transform and unwind your memories.

It’s an awesome opportunity to find yourself and set life goals.

Different water temperatures and restorative mix of oils bring different relaxation moods and effects.

You can add essential oils and plants to increase the tranquility of your bath.

Check out the different times of spiritual baths to try out this new moon.

Rejuvenating Spiritual bath

Rejuvenating Spiritual bath
spiritual bath kits

A rejuvenating spiritual bath purifies the skin, relaxes your mind from a heavy day of work, and keeps you off stressful situations.

Set water temperatures to around 27 to 35 degrees Celsius. Choose your desired oils and add 10 to 15 drops.

To add to the water feel and relaxation.

Add myrrh, lemon, and sandalwood, orange, or rose. If you want to achieve results, make sure to bring along a glass of wine.

Wine is a perfect compliment. It has polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

Use of items that could improve the relaxation like lemon zest, orange, and fresh rosemary.

Dried rose petals will also serve the purpose.

Soreness and muscle Spiritual baths

These baths are best if you have prior muscle issues.

Baths for soreness require around 27 to 35 degrees Celsius water.

Use herbs like rosemary, chamomile, and lavender for a fresh feel.

You can add these herbs through essential oils and other infusion bags from the garden.

Make sure to add at least 15 drops of essential oil for a perfect blend.

Oat milk and drops of honey ensure a perfect mix between water and other ingredients.

If you have a facial scrub, it is the right time to use it.

It boosts skin effectiveness and enhances your skin purification and activation.

Blood circulation Spiritual baths

This bath is similar to a spiritual bath but done to open up your blood circulation.

A free flow of blood in the body boosts energy flow and the mind’s relaxation.

Use essential oils like lavender, chamomile, cypress, and lemon.

Honey, sea salt, and neutral gel are wonderful conductors to add to the mixture.

It is a perfect bath to exfoliate your legs, feet, and buttocks.

A blood circulation bath improves blood circulation.

Benefits of a Spiritual bath

photo of people in the body of water taking a spiritual bath

A spiritual bath benefits you not only spiritually but also mentally and physically.

Our daily activities are affected by everything that surrounds us. This lowers our aura.

The world is getting busier and busier with people working more hours and resting fewer hours.

This cannot change, especially with technological advancement catching up with the 21st century.

We, therefore, have to keep up with the changing trends.

A spiritual bath comes in handy. Create time, relax, and bring back your mind to the reset functionality as you revamp what you might have missed.

You cannot control your interactions with the outside world, but it is always easy to cleanse the negativity and inject a positive mindset.

A spiritual bath relaxes your nervous system

Essential oils, burning incense, crystals, and all the surrounding aromatherapy is a great way to restore your body balance.

The calm and warm breeze relaxes your nervous system and gets rid of negative energy like sadness and anger.

It’s an amazing way to restore your body’s health and mind’s health.

The spiritual bath is a unique way to depart your body from its physical sense to another world.

The soothing environment adds to soft lighting with limited distractions.

It’s the perfect medicine for a troubled mind and nerve communications.

It’s a perfect detoxification plan. Our bodies are versatile to toxic substances around everything that surrounds us.

If you are not a fun of detoxification drinks, you might then want to soak in salt and draw toxins from your body.

A 30-minute spiritual bath will rejuvenate your entire being and revitalize your organs.

Spiritual baths enhance vision setting and contemplation

If you have ever taken a spiritual bath, you would agree that it’s an easy way to relieve stress.

It’s also a great way to prevent the mind from thinking and allows fresh, clean thoughts to flow.

In contemplation, you can create and communicate connections between the higher self and your heart.

A spiritual bath boosts the body’s energy.

A spiritual bath is a perfect way to clean subtle energy and offer a direct replacement of negative energies.

Negative energies drain your body a lot of strength.

Crystal and the baths aromatherapy plays a great role in purifying the mind.

Through essential oils, you can attract positive energy through the 30-minute an interrupted session.

Most Popular Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are done according to your needs and goals. Choose the right bath to incorporate into your routine and enhance your bath.

1. Herbal baths

An herbal bath is a spiritual bath with the main time being to clean and boost the spiritual potential of the bath.

The bath is characterized by adding herbs.

Herbal bath puts you in the model of floral essence that offers perfect aromatherapy.

Flowers are a symbolic representation of a stunning life.

A floral essence seeks to absorb and regenerate your body’s energy.

Flowers general has a spiritual connection.

Choose the right blend of flowers and immerse your body in this energy that will arouse your spirit being and bring on a delicate feel.

Rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, and Chamomile bring perfect effervescence.

Flowers and natural herbs not only contribute to the body’s mental relaxation but also boosts your thinking and skin health.

Milk and honey bath ladies would agree with me that most apply honey directly to the skin for a great nourish.

Honey is an effective remedy for most skin conditions.

A mixture of milk and honey for a spiritual bath rejuvenates your skin and acts as an instant remedy for existing skin conditions. Goat milk is most preferred.

Honey has antioxidants that nourish the human skin and slows down acne growth.

It is no wonder honey is the main ingredient in acne treatment drugs.

Milk I as well very refreshing. Mix 2 cups of milk and a cup of honey to have this cleansing bath.

Prepare your surrounding music and crystal and soak for around 30 minutes.

Once done with the bath, make sure to bathe in fresh water and soap and relax as your wait for your body to naturally dry.

2. Salt bath

Do not make a mistake in using table salt; it will hurt the skin.

Table salt is refined and has the most important elements removed.

Natural sea salt is mostly recommended. A salt bath offers the right way to instill positive energy.

Our wring environment is full of different stress trigger and people with different characters, which affect our aura.

A salt bath is a perfect way to heal your body from negative critics and talk of what you cannot do.

A salt bath helps raise your self-esteem. Immerse your body for at least 30 minutes in a salt bath and boost your mind and spiritual thinking.

Try a salt bath with this salt type:

Celtic salts to heal and ground your body
Epsom salt for energy restoration and general body rejuvenation
Himalayan salt revitalizes your body’s energy.

3. Prosperity Bath

a man and woman lying in the bathtub

People believe that this bath increases their ability to succeed in different projects they engage in.

with this bath, sit back and wait for positive opportunities.

Prosperity herbs are used for this particular bath and are believed to eliminate any life opportunity barriers.

It’s believed that you achieve your future goals with less effort after taking this bath.

Use bay leaf, Chamomile, clove, dill, basil, and cinnamon.

Spend at least 40 minutes in a tub with this mixture afterward, take a regular bath with soap and water.

Take this bath when attending an event you anticipate great results.

4. Health improvement bath

Mineral baths are popular in spas. The bath helps you relax and reduce body-related stress.

A heath bath, as the name suggests, focuses on proper body functioning.

Health baths use crystal, one of two types or as different types as you desire to use.

Epsom and natural salt baths provide essential body minerals. Stir the water-mineral mixture and boost your body for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Remember t bath with a warm shower after a mineral bath.

5. Bath for love of life

There are different ways to attract a souse in your life, one of them being taking a love of life spiritual bath.

This bath happens anytime as long as you want to attract a life partner.

The bath uses raspberry leaves, muslin cloth, jasmine, and dried roses.

For this romantic bath, you can choose to mix the ingredient in the water to add to your faucet.

Relax in the warm water and create interesting romantic scenes with the love of your life. Some stones add to spice up the love attraction.

Spiritual baths combine the elements of nature to boost human vitality and physical strength.

They are a great refreshment when you are stuck in some areas of your life.

Spiritual baths are of various types depending on the ingredients and purpose intended.

Spiritual baths are of utmost importance since it’s impossible to control the external stimuli in our fast-paced technological lives.

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