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Spiritual Meaning Of Blood In A Dream

Spiritual meaning of blood in a dream. What does it mean when you see blood in your dreams?

Blood represents life, vitality, and holistic health. It can symbolize feelings of anger and aggression we may be repressing or that we need to take more care of ourselves physically.

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Blood also seems to symbolize some sort of transition like a transformation, metamorphosis, or rite of passage.

So if you dream blood is flowing out of an open wound, this could be about the release on the physical level, shedding away problems, and letting go of what’s not working for us anymore.

Another example would be a dream where blood is coming from your mouth like spitting up red liquid:

something is being released on both the physical and emotional levels at once, maybe after a lot of hard work has gone into it.

If you’ve been holding in your anger for a long time, this may be an incredibly relieving experience.

This can also represent something that has happened already, and now the final products are coming out of you, like vomiting or giving birth to something or someone that’s new.

If you see blood in your dream and it’s not coming from an obvious open wound, this may be about some sort of transformation process on the emotional level.

Maybe there is a situation in your life that you’re going through, but you can’t find words for it yet.

Working something out without talking about what’s really going on might leave us with some hidden feelings or unspoken emotions that need to come to light before we can move on.

If this is the case, you should try and focus on what exactly needs to happen for this release, rather than just letting it flow out uncontrollably like a flood of red liquid.

It could also be related to repressed creativity, perhaps stifled by fear or insecurity, so if blood is flowing from your hands or fingers, this might be a sign that you need to give more time and energy to art, writing, painting, etc.

“What does it mean when you see blood in your dream” we suggest the following:

spiritual meaning of blood in a dream

Pregnancy and birth in a dream

After giving birth or being pregnant, you may dream of blood or other fluids followed by someone telling you that your baby is dead.

This could indicate your subconscious fears about bringing new life into the world and losing control of it at some point in the future.

If this dream recurs several times, take notice of any recurring themes such as people talking about death or dying, spirits coming back from somewhere without bodies, etc., as these will probably lead to clues for what’s causing your anxiety right now.

A miscarriage can be a very traumatic experience for some women, while others barely notice it happened.

So if this dream recurs after having given birth, you might want to do some research on the physical process of pregnancy and birth in order to help make sense of your feelings about what’s happening or is supposed to happen.

There are many things that may occur while giving birth physically, which could cause some emotional stress for both sexes, so think about what was going on at the time you were pregnant or after you gave birth and try to connect the dots between these events and your dreams about them.

Injuries in a dream –

Is there a part of your body that you fear may be hurt or damaged? If this is the case, then a dream about blood or injuries to a particular part of your body might be pointing to some hidden feeling concerning that area.

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For example, if you dream about cutting open your hand and see lots of blood gushing out, this could relate to something you feel you need to do more with it.

Maybe it’s time to take action on some creative idea you’ve had or work out whether what someone has said is true for yourself without letting them influence you too much.

Or maybe there’s been an accident where someone was injured, and now they’re bleeding from their head which means they don’t know how bad it is:

maybe they’re in danger or could be really badly affected by this, which makes you feel very sad. You might not know how to help them, but your emotions are telling you that there is something wrong, and you must find out what’s going on right now.

Getting rid of something in a dream –

If the blood appears somewhere like a dream bathroom where it could symbolically represent getting rid of waste products like faeces or urine, then perhaps it relates to some problem in your life that needs clearing up before you can move on.

Maybe you’ve been dragging around an old t-shirt stuffed with too many memories for years and weeks ago it became covered with patches of moldy mildew?

Now all the bloodstains have soaked through onto the shirt as well, and you need to wash it before too much time has passed; otherwise, the mold will eat away at the fabric even more?

Have You Ever Wonder Why You Keep Struggling To Survive?

Or have you been carrying around some long-forgotten feelings about a person from your past for so many years that they’ve been making you feel worse and worse every day until one day you hit a really bad bottom, and all of a sudden, everything changes?

That could be why there was blood everywhere in this dream because something had to change, or eventually, you would have become ill yourself.

Eating or drinking in a dream –

If blood appears on an item of food or drink, perhaps someone is trying to influence what you consume by suggesting certain things are good for your physical health when in reality they’re not.

In particular, drinking blood that is either animal or human could be a warning about someone who seems to behave as though they are trying to suck your energy out of you.

In some cases, dreams like this can represent a real person in your life who believes they have been placed on this planet for the very reason of feeding off other people’s creative energies and emotions, but no matter how much you might feel sorry for them there comes the point when you simply must get away from them before they destroy your life.

Washing or cleaning in a dream –

Blood that is running down the inside of your sink, bathtub, or shower could be about needing to wash away some unresolved feelings you have.

Or if there’s blood on something like a sponge, then perhaps you’ve been trying to get rid of someone else’s pain by absorbing it into yourself, which doesn’t work at all and just makes them feel worse in addition to yourself.

Perhaps this dream tells you honestly that you must stop doing these things because they are causing everyone involved more harm than good?

Or what about blood flowing out of your taps instead of red water? Perhaps your heart is feeling extremely heavy after witnessing some terrible act that has caused great suffering for people around you, but this isn’t the only source of blood coming out of your taps.

If you are feeling very drained of compassion for others, then this dream could represent the need to love more, be kinder, or even give something up that’s been part of your life for many years?

Bird of prey in a dream –

A bird that is drinking a pool of blood could represent a need to take advantage of some situation that has gone on for too long.

You might be feeling so hurt or angry by someone or something, which makes you want to strike back in the worst possible way, but no matter how much it hurts them right now, there will always be a bigger and better opportunity out there for somebody later on.

In these cases, birds like vultures can appear in dreams, and they don’t discriminate when it comes time to eat: whether the meat is fresh or not, they will just tear into anything with gusto and leave nothing at all behind.

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This is why making peace with everyone involved and learning how to forgive might be the only way forward because it doesn’t matter what has happened to you.

They have probably forgotten about it already and are onto their next victim.

Exuding in a dream –

if the blood is seeping through your skin, but no visible injuries appear on your body, then perhaps there’s some subtle problem that needs addressing right now? It may seem like nothing at all, but even the tiniest of things can become a big deal when left unattended for too long.

The same applies to painful memories or wounds from the past, which keep reminding you how to hurt you were in the past; once you’ve managed to let go of them completely, they’ll be able to stop affecting your life altogether.

On the other hand, maybe some part of your environment is slowly pinching onto every part of your life without you even realizing it, so try to keep an eye out for any kind of threats that are trying to sneak up on you or anyone else around you.

If the blood is being killed off by some powerful force, then perhaps what was once a problem has now been completely neutralized?

Oppression and lack of freedom in a dream –

if the blood appears within a dream room, car, or other structure which you might feel is holding you back from doing what you really want to do in life, then perhaps there is something that has been bleeding.

Away from your energy for years? What about feeling as though every time you protest against something, such as trying to save an animal’s life, then someone else just bleeds more money into their bank account?

This could be why so many people keep donating money to things they should know deep down inside will never help them at all:

because we’re being forced to support their greed, and our way of protesting it is by untethering ourselves emotionally and energetically from them instead?

Losing someone in a dream –

Losing someone in a dream

If blood appears in a dream where you are showing the people who are close to you that there’s something wrong, then perhaps your subconscious is telling you that you don’t need to worry about this person because they’re very strong and will be able to deal with whatever life throws at them.

Whatever it is, even if it seems really sad at first, but this person needs some time alone or away from certain people so they can have some ‘me time which will help them become stronger on the other side of the issue.

But if this type of dream involves losing someone else altogether, which could either mean they have gone completely out of your life, never to return again, or the dream is a warning about a certain event that is going to happen in the very near future.

In some cases, dreams like this can also represent the death of a part of you that’s been holding on for far too long.

Being hurt or getting hurt in a dream –

When you feel as though someone is out to get you, especially if they’re trying to harm you in any way, then perhaps there’s something going on within your waking life which is causing you to worry about making people angry with you?

Or what about dreaming of cutting yourself and watching all the blood come pouring out of your arm? Perhaps there is someone who wants to do serious damage to your physical body, and coming face-to-face with them would be very dangerous indeed.

In such cases, it might pay to look at this dream as a warning about things that could happen.

Hiding or running away in a dream –

Blood is naturally life-giving and rejuvenating, but in some cases, it can represent a time of suffering, fear, and death.

If you’ve been hiding somewhere to avoid being hurt by another person, then perhaps there’s blood appearing on the walls of where you’re staying?

This tells you that violence has occurred here during this period, which means your instincts were correct:

something terrible was going on, and now it’s too late for anyone to do anything about it.

Your only option now is to stay hidden and wait until the threat had passed before continuing with what you had planned before all of this occurred.

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Perhaps this dream is trying to tell you that you must change direction if the path upon which you’re currently walking isn’t working for you?

Abstract in a dream –

If there’s blood everywhere in your dream, then this could represent lots of different things, but it really depends on the context.

There are too many possibilities to discuss here, so if you would like to know what your blood symbolizes in a dream, then ask yourself which character within the dream was bleeding and what happened around them at the time.

What were they doing when they were cut or injured? Where exactly did the blood appear from, and why?

These kinds of questions will help guide you towards some answers that may be more specific to your individual circumstances.

Saving someone in a dream –

This particular dream is a very common one and has a number of different meanings which tend to be based on your own life experiences.

For example, if you have lost someone important in the past but have been unable to grieve properly because you were holding onto this person’s memory as though they were still alive, then perhaps this type of dream is suggesting that it’s time now to put their memory into context and accept that they are gone.

Or if the death happened more recently or even yesterday, then maybe this could be telling you how much better off everyone would be if only you’d let go of the way things used to be and truly move forward with your life.

But not forgetting about them doesn’t necessarily mean saying goodbye either.

More than anything else, you need to accept that the relationship has come to an end, and no matter how hard it might feel right now, time is a great healer, and letting go of this person will actually free you up to love someone else even more deeply in the future.

Death in a dream –

You may have also dreamed about blood flowing from your mouth or nose, which can be frightening because, for some reason, it’s associated with death.

But if this was one of many dreams where you saw yourself bleeding, then perhaps it was actually telling you something completely different?

What about if, instead of seeing someone else bleeding in your dream, you find out after waking up that you had been stabbed or cut by accident while sleeping.

Murder in a dream –

Perhaps someone is trying to kill you, or this dream represents your own fears about being murdered.

Perhaps you are looking for some kind of resolution which will never come because the person responsible isn’t prepared to enter into dialogue with you?

Or perhaps they have already killed you in the past, and there’s nothing left for them to take away from you now, so instead, they are killing off everything that makes you happy by slowly poisoning your mind against everyone around you?

Having said all this, however, if a dream like this has repeatedly been happening over a number of months (even years), then it could represent how much time and energy you’ve wasted on hatred for another person, which could be better spent positively.

Whatever the case may be, blood in a dream which comes in the form of multiple murders could also be seen as something that is being held onto by someone who’s unwilling to let it go.

Blood in your mouth in a dream –

Blood in your mouth in a dream

If blood appears when you are yawning or when you have just woken up, then this dream is telling you that it’s time to clean out your affairs, clear the air, and finally get all your love life sorted out once and for all.

No matter how many problems you might think you have or no matter how insurmountable they seem right now, even if some of these issues are causing anger problems with certain people around you, perhaps this dream is trying to tell you that everyone will eventually calm down.


Dreams of blood could be drawing your attention to some situation or problem which you must deal with as soon as possible.

Whatever the cause might be, it is best to take action and try to resolve things before too much time has passed; otherwise, everything will just continue getting worse and worse.

On a metaphorical level, if there was no blood in any part of this dream, then that tells you that you are already on top of the issue and doing what must be done, so all is okay for now.

But if there was an excess of blood everywhere, perhaps there’s something obvious you’ve been missing when trying to solve this problem?

Spiritual Meaning Of Blood In A Dream

Have You Ever Wonder Why You Keep Struggling To Survive?

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