Turning Your Weakness into Strength

We all have weaknesses, whether we like to admit having them or not, and sometimes these weaknesses can translate into failure.

When we aren’t paying attention to our weaknesses, letting them go and pretending that they aren’t there,

this is when they become the most lethal.

They can sneak into our lives and wreak havoc in ways that we are blind to,

thoroughly sabotaging any chance we might have at being a success.

While it may be difficult to accept the areas in which we need to improve,

a healthy amount of self-awareness may be the only way to provide you with the tools that you need in order to achieve your goals.

When you know yourself inside and out, then there will be no surprises

to sneak up on you on the way toward making your dreams into a reality.

Once you have been able to identify your weaknesses, this does not make you a weaker person.

Actually, the opposite is true.

Knowing the ways that you are lacking gives you the foundation to become more successful.

Consider each weakness as an opportunity to grow and learn rather

than as being something to be ashamed of and to try to hide from.

These things that you struggle with are not faults, they are living potential!

Following through on that potential is the fastest way to grow.

If you do this, you are well on your way to becoming the strongest version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Becoming self-aware can take some time, but there are some simple ways that you can begin to gauge your potential.

First, do your best to become aware of the way that you impact others.

Are your words or actions creating your desired affect?

Ask people and find out.

Let them know your intentions, and see if they find that you are following through with your desired affect!

Next, apply this line of thinking to your actions in private.

Are you doing things that help you to grow and be a better version of yourself, or are you making excuses?

Are you being honest with yourself about where you are at in the process of achieving your goals,

or are you flaking out on yourself?

If you find that you are, don’t sit around and feel sorry for yourself or ashamed about it.

Instead, use it as a chance to make a plan of action!

Consider the ways that you are lacking and actively seek out the resources that

you need to turn those areas for potential growth into actual growth!

Most of us feel we have many divets and holes within us, the ways we are not good enough.

But when we take the time and effort to address those areas, what we find is that they are not so scary after all.

In fact, giving them the time and attention they deserve not only makes you feel more confident,

but they provide you with the key to mastering your destiny!

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