Blue Moon Meaning Spirituality

Blue Moon Meaning Spirituality

blue moon meaning spirituality. A Blue Moon is a full moon outside of the regular lunar cycle.

The “blue” refers to the September sky in an astrological sense, not in a color sense.

In September, the star Sirius rises above the eastern horizon for about an hour after sunset.

It can be seen swinging from west to east during this time.

The term Blue Moon is used in the common vernacular to mean any time in the year when there are two full moons.

However, this isn’t accurate according to science or standard calendar definitions.

There is one Blue Moon each year, but it happens twice within one lunar cycle; once near the beginning and again closer to the end.

There are two types of Blue Moons: Seasonal and Calendrical.

A Seasonal Blue Moon happens in January or February while the main winter season is underway.

The other type is called a Calendrical Blue Moon, which means that both full moons fall within a single month.

These rare events usually happen once every few years.

The Seasonal Blue Moon

The phrase “once in a blue moon” means something that is very, very rare.

If there are only 6 full moons in one calendar year, it would be rare for the seventh to occur within the same season.

When this happens, it’s called a Seasonal Blue Moon. A new or full moon can be considered a blue moon if it occupies a position that is close to the Earth and Sun.

These “blue moon” events can be seen each year from certain locations on Earth.

Calendrical Blue Moon

The time between a full moon and the next is about 29.53 days on average which gives us twelve full moons per year.

An extra month has been added to our calendar from time to time because it takes the earth approximately 365 days to orbit around the sun (we get an extra day every 4 years with Leap Year).

These months without a full moon are called blue moon months.

Below we’ll break down in detail what a Blue Moon means and how it’s related to spirituality.

What is a Blue Moon?

What is a Blue Moon?

A blue moon is the second full moon of a month.

It typically occurs every two and a half years, but on some occasions, it can come as often as four times per year.

The term “blue moon” comes from an old English saying “Once in a blue moon,” which meant something that happened very rarely, if ever at all.

The modern definition of “blue moon” was established by the Maine Farmer’s Almanac in 1937 after popularizing this term throughout their publication for years before. Seasonal Blue Moon

There are usually twelve full moons every year with each one being given its name according to what season it falls into.

Since thirteen lunar months don’t add up to one solar year, every so often a season will have two full moons instead of one.

What Does the Blue Moon Spiritually Mean in 2022

The spiritual significance of blue moons as well as other full moons is deeply rooted in paganism and neo-pagan traditions, but it has been incorporated into many New Age practices as well.

Some pagan cultures saw full moons as a time to banish negative energy and manifest positive change.

What is the Origin of the Blue Moon term?

There are several schools of thought regarding when this term began being used.

Here are the most common ones.

The first is that the term “blue moon” comes from the early English phrase “once in a blue moon,” which originally meant something that happened only every so often.

The modern definition of “blue moon” was established by the Maine Farmer’s Almanac in 1937 after popularizing this term with their publication.

Some sources attribute the phrase “once in a blue moon” to an older English phrase, “if it happens once in a blue moon” which dates back to 1528.

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The word “blue” allegedly became associated with the moon because it was often covered by clouds or had less light during its appearance.

However, there are no real records of the phrase prior to the 1940s, which may mean that this story is a bit of an urban legend.

The third believe it’s difficult to identify when and where the term “blue moon” originated from because over time it has been used in many different ways throughout history.

Etymologists believe that the term may have something to do with calendars and dating conventions since most calendars during medieval times were based on a lunar cycle rather than a solar one.

This would make it difficult to keep track of the number of days between each full moon and new moon, which may have been why the term was created in the first place.

Spiritual Meaning of the Blue Moon

Spiritual Meaning of the Blue Moon

A Blue Moon represents the time when something powerful is coming to fruition.

It used to be, back in ancient times, that if your long-term project was stuck on a plateau or you couldn’t quite get moving as you wanted, then you would wait to see if a Blue Moon would come along.

This way, the timing was right and your intentions were fulfilled.

Blue Moons are associated with intuition, which is why they’re known as Old Wives’ Tales in popular culture.

A woman has very good intuition during this time because she’s feeling it on a spiritual level as well as on an emotional one.

This is why we say women are “going with her gut” during the Blue Moon period.

It’s possible to use crystals during a Blue Moon, but you’ll want to make sure that they correspond to the lunar phase and energy.

For example, blue moonstones and blue topaz help to keep you grounded and connected to the physical realm.

The Blue Moon is one of two moments in a month when it’s better for manifestation.

The other moment is during a New Moon, so using this period is a perfect way to begin a new project or goal.

Blue Moon Rituals and Ceremonies

There are several rituals you can perform during a Blue Moon, but they’re most commonly used for manifestation.

This is because the energy of the Blue Moon is perfect for that; it’s ideal to take advantage of this time by beginning something new or finishing an old project.

A ceremony before the full moon is called a “drawing down”.

It’s also known as “Drawing Down The Moon” which means you’re invoking divine feminine power and wisdom into your life.

This draws out negative energies, so you need to be sure that your intentions are pure before performing one of these ceremonies.

The best way to honor the Blue Moon in spiritual terms is by getting outside at night with someone else if possible. Begin or end your night with a walk in the moonlight.

During this time, you can talk about anything in the celestial realm without fear of being judged.

Blue Moon Meaning in Dreams.

A Blue Moon may appear in your dreams when you haven’t realized something yet, but it’s close to coming to fruition.

It’s an “almost” moment that means everything is leading up to something big.

If you’re having trouble manifesting an idea or wish during the day, then consider what it might mean if it does come true while you’re dreaming at night.

This way, you’ll be better prepared when the time comes around because you recognize this symbolism and know-how to properly manage it.

Famous Blue Moon Moments.

Some notable Blue Moons throughout history include a rare “Triple Blue Moon” in 1885, a blue moon where you could see all 4 phases of the moon from one place on Earth just once in 1987.

Even though it’s not referred to as a Blue Moon, there were also 8 years of peace between Israel and Lebanon during the 1980s.

It started on April 22, 1983, after 3 months of fighting. The last day of fighting happened to be a full moon which means this was one triad cycle of a double blue moon.

There is another Blue Moon scheduled for 2023, so now’s the time to plan any rituals or ceremonies you might want to do on that day.

For example, if you were thinking about starting your own business or moving to a new location, now would be good timing.

A Blue Moon is an event where something powerful is coming into fruition during this moon cycle.

It used to be back in ancient times, when things were stuck on a plateau they would wait until a Blue Moon came along.

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This way it was right and their intentions were fulfilled.

Blue Moons are associated with intuition, which is why they’re known as Old Wives’ Tales today.

A woman has very good intuition during this time because she’s feeling it on a spiritual level as well as on an emotional one.

The Meaning of Blue Moon and its Spiritual Correspondences

The Meaning of Blue Moon and its Spiritual Correspondences

Blue moon meaning and spiritual correspondences focus on themes of patience, stability, and grounding.

You can incorporate these elements into meditation sessions, special rituals, or simply by reflecting on the deeper meaning of these moons.

When people today talk about a blue moon they are usually referring to the second full moon of any month.

This is a relatively rare occurrence since a normal lunar cycle has only one full moon per month, with some months having no full moon at all according to most calendars.

There is a spiritual meaning behind this phenomenon with some cultures believing that it is possible to communicate with the spirit world during a blue moon.

Is the Blue Moon term Scientific?

The term “blue moon” has been around for centuries, but it’s not a scientific term.

There are rare occasions when the moon will appear blue due to certain atmospheric conditions or because of contaminants within the atmosphere, but this is purely natural and has nothing to do with lunar cycles.

It does refer to something that happens in the natural world.

There are two different definitions of the blue moon, one that involves an extra full moon within a year and another for when there are four full moons within any season—a rare enough event to have inspired the phrase “once in a blue moon” long before the color was attached to it.

It has been used by astronomers for decades to denote the second full moon in a month, but only recently did it become associated with the spiritual meaning of blue moons.

Is a Blue Moon Blue in Color?

Since blue moons are entirely natural occurrences that happen when certain conditions are met, there is no reason to believe that they would be blue in color.

However, the color you experience will depend on your location and how clear it is during the event.

When people today talk about a blue moon they are usually referring to the second full moon of any month.

This is a relatively rare occurrence since a normal lunar cycle has only one full moon per month, with some months having no full moon at all according to most calendars.

There is a spiritual meaning behind this phenomenon with some cultures believing that it is possible to communicate with the spirit world during a blue moon.

The term “blue moon” doesn’t refer to the color of the moon. The word “blue” in reference to this phenomenon has nothing to do with the moon’s color; it refers to time and dates instead.

Since a blue moon is an extra full moon within a year, its name comes from how unusual it is for there to be two full moons in one month.

In other words, a blue moon is a rare event.


Many crystals traditionally associated with spirituality assist us in connecting with our intuition and psychic abilities during the blue moon meaning.

To prepare for your spiritual endeavors and intentions you can carry or wear any of the crystals listed below:

▪ Blue Chalcedony: associations between this crystal and spirituality include protection, wisdom, and truth. It also facilitates communication and understanding between the spiritual and earthly realms.

▪ Initiates wisdom and intuition, helps with communication of psychic energy.

▪ All stones that contain lithium such as Howlite, Celestite, or Blue Tiger Eye also encourage spirituality.

▪ Amethyst: The combination of this stone and a blue moon encourages communion with one’s guardian angels and other spirit guides.

▪ Labradorite: This crystal is commonly used during spiritual rituals to unify the self with the universe. It also amplifies and enhances psychic abilities when in combination with a blue moon.

▪ Selenite: This crystal is traditionally used to assist in accessing one’s dreams and messages received by the subconscious during meditation or sleep.

Blue Moon Ritual Ideas

Blue Moon Ritual Ideas
Blue Moon Ritual Ideas
I destined

During a Blue Moon, it is said that the veil between this earthly realm and the spiritual realm can be lifted so that we may communicate with our spirit guides.

There are many ways to celebrate a blue moon including:

▪ Gathering on a hilltop on a clear night under the light of the full moon

▪ Collecting crystal points in a circle around you, then holding them up to the sky during meditation or while outdoors during your next full moon ritual

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▪ Dabbing some frankincense oil across your heart chakra and chanting “Om” three times during midnight at a full moon celebration

▪ Walk around your home with an unlit candle, placing that candle into one of the windowsills at midnight during the blue moon

▪ Put 7 almonds in front of you, each representing one full day before the next Blue Moon. Chant “get your Blue moon on” while eating one almond per chant for seven consecutive days (or nights) leading up to the next blue moon.

Make A Sacred Space for your Next Blue Moon

Creating a sacred space for your next Blue Moon celebration will help you clear away distractions so that you can connect with your higher self.

Consider creating an altar, lighting candles, burning incense, and placing crystals around your space to set the right mood.

If you are new to blue moon spirituality consider inviting friends or family members to participate in your celebration or ceremony until it feels comfortable for you to meditate by yourself.


Manifesting our goals during blue moon rituals is possible. Remember to be specific when determining what you want during your next Blue Moon ceremony, especially if your desires are material in nature.

Keeping your mind open and clear while holding onto your intention is incredibly important, otherwise, the manifestation process may take longer than expected.

Set up your Rituals And Intention

Purposefully setting intentions for events that will occur up to six months after the Blue Moon rather than focusing on immediate gratification can help manifest goals like finding a new romantic partner or landing an interview.

This process of “deferred gratification” helps you develop patience which is necessary for manifesting goals over time; however, this does not mean it’s impossible to find love or land a job within three months of a blue moon meaning or celebration.

Take a Walk In The Moonlight

Taking a stroll before your spiritual ceremony is an excellent way to clear your mind and allow yourself to be alone with nature for a bit.

Simply walking, meditating, or taking part in another type of routine pastime can help you prepare for the Blue Moon experience.

Even though it takes place during the evening, some people may also wish to use this time as an opportunity to connect with their inner child by visiting your playground

(a museum, zoo, children’s play area, etc.) and allowing themselves whatever memories seem appropriate at that time.

When is the next Blue Moon?

The next summer blue moon will happen on Friday, 30th August 2023.

The event serves as an excellent time to celebrate self-love and self-care by taking time out of your day to pamper yourself with flowers, candles, and other spa essentials.

You can also go for a walk in the moonlight and eat healthy foods that will recharge your energy.

How to prepare for your next blue moon Spirituality

How to prepare for your next blue moon Spirituality
How to prepare for your next blue moon Spirituality
I destined

If you are planning on celebrating your next blue moon spirituality, then read these tips to help get yourself prepared for your journey into the unknown.

The first step is being aware. The phases of the moon are very important for this month’s blue moon spirituality.

You must make sure that there is a full moon before your journey, otherwise, you will need to experience pain to get the full effect.

After ensuring that no clouds are covering up the view of the night sky, find an open area where you can sit and relax.

Some find it helpful to take a bath or shower before the journey, but not all do.

Make sure there are no distractions and turn your phone off so that you won’t get any text messages, calls, or alerts interrupting your journey into yourself.

Once you have done these three things, then it is time to let your mind wander.

Think about all of the things that have been troubling you in life, and try to think of ways to fix these issues.

How to Celebrate a Blue Moon Ritual

1) Gathering supplies

Beforehand make sure that everything is in place, especially your ceremonial supplies. You will want to have the following items ready:

A large blue candle A small white candle representing you A bowl of water Three crystals (one for past, present, and future) Incense

2) Prepare your space

When it is almost time for your blue moon celebration, make sure that your area is clean before beginning the ritual.

Although this is not necessary, it could increase the energy of your ritual.

It would also be best to have all of your ceremonial supplies set up so that you don’t need to leave your working space during the ritual.

3) Perform the ritual

Perform this ritual during a time when there will be no interruptions or uninvited guests.

When you perform your blue moon ritual, begin by saying a prayer or lighting your incense and candles.

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