Spiritual Meaning Of Wisdom Teeth

Best Spiritual Meaning Of Wisdom Teeth. All You Need To Know

Spiritual meaning of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth grow during adulthood between the age of 17-21 years.

These teeth can also be called third molars teeth, and they complete the dental formula in human beings.

Wisdom teeth are associated with the late teenage years when a person is getting into another adulthood stage.

It could be viewed as an opportunity to pursue your dreams away from the family. Various theories are going around the use of wisdom teeth.

Some people think they are of no use and go to the extent of getting them removed by the dentist.

Wisdom teeth have a purpose, and there is a reason why they grow in adulthood.

Looking at all other teeth, they grow during childhood, but wisdom teeth wait until adulthood.

There is a spiritual connection between wisdom teeth and also dream interpretation that helps in emotional regulations and healing.

The pain of getting wisdom teeth can be uncomfortable to bear. However, the experience of getting wisdom teeth varies from one person to the other.

To some, it is smooth and less painful, while others, it is worse and painful to the extent of getting the removed by the dentist.

In general, the experience people get is swollen jaws, neck pain, and throat pain. Sometimes the gums swell, making it uncomfortable to have meals.

Spiritual Problems of Wisdom Teeth

Spiritual Meaning Of Wisdom Teeth

Every physical problem has a spiritual issue too. It does not mean that you don’t take care of them physically.

Oral issues can be solved by a dentist, but on the other hand, they can be dealt with spiritually for them to heal fully.

Tooth issues make us be in fear all the time. It may mean we are afraid to let go or afraid of change.

Sometimes, we are scared that we will make a wrong decision, so we just leave it like it is.

Home remedies can be used to alleviate wisdom tooth pain. Clove oil, tea tree oil, and pain relievers like Ibuprofen and paracetamol can all help to reduce pain.

However, these treatments only provide brief alleviation. But, do you know that you can deal with wisdom teeth problems spiritually?

You may decide to visit a dentist to remove your teeth, but it may have a hidden spiritual meaning behind it.

The condition of the teeth will determine if the teeth should be extracted or if the pain and swelling can be managed with medicines.

Whether an individual has one wisdom tooth or four, if their wisdom teeth develop straight, they will not cause any problems.

Wisdom Teeth Pain Spiritual Meaning.

Almost everybody had a pain issue during the growth of wisdom teeth. Surprisingly, this pain has a spiritual meaning.

Painful wisdom teeth are linked to underlying spiritual problems.

As you seek to address the issue, physical healing needs some spiritual healing guidelines.

Pain during wisdom teeth growth shows that you fearsome things in life. The fear could be a result of past life experiences or induced fear by people.

It can also mean you fear to make changes and accept things as they are. You allow people to take control over your life, and their opinions determine your life.

You get confused and scare when difficult times befall you meaning you can’t make the right decision.

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Wisdom teeth issues are viewed as a sign to warn us against fear. It could also be an indicator of the deeper inner pain one experiences every day.

Therefore, to get spiritual healing, one has to first undergo physical healing.

Wisdom teeth pain also reflects how ‘life’ can cause us a lot of problems as we go through it, yet it is a necessary part of existence.

“When one door shuts, another opens,” as the proverb goes. It is thought that for a person to have good luck in their life, at least one wisdom tooth must erupt appropriately.

How to Heal Teeth Issues Spiritually

How to Heal Teeth Issues Spiritually
Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

There are various actions one can take to heal his wisdom teeth spiritually. The first is meditation.

Meditation can help you conquer your fears. It is believed that meditation can be a spiritual healing process towards many life problems.

Meditating helps to make peace with the environment because it gives you a silent moment to listen to things around you.

It gives an opportunity to listens to the inner self and make peace with it.

Secondly, facing your fears. Just imagine the thing you fear most and take action towards it.

For instance, let us say that you fear height; you can eliminate this fear by trying different heights every time until the fear is gone completely.

Spiritual Meaning of Wisdom Teeth Cavities.

Cavities are holes found on the teeth due to teeth decay. Since wisdom teeth are located at the further end of the mouth, cleaning can be difficult.

This can lead to tooth decay, which can affect other teeth. Although dentists and scientists will argue that cavities are caused by poor oral hygiene, a wisdom tooth with cavities have a spiritual meaning.

Cavities on the wisdom teeth mean that you hold on and believe judgmental and criticism words from people.

It is also an indicator of low self-esteem and feeling worthy and unloved. It also shows that you rarely or never stick to your schedule.

Because you don’t trust yourself, and you refuse to accept your creative demands.

Meaning of Wisdom Teeth Dreams.

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Dreaming about wisdom teeth is spiritually linked. These dreams are rare to occur, and when they happen, it means they are communicating something to us.

Each dream has a different interpretation. The following are commonly experienced wisdom teeth dreams and their interpretation.

Dreaming about wisdom teeth falling out.

Other than wisdom teeth, some people have also experienced dreams of other teeth falling out.

It is scary, and the first thing you would do after waking up is to check if your teeth are still okay.

The dream shows that your life is taking a complete turn, either positive or negative. Dreaming of wisdom teeth falling out has the following meanings.

  1. Powerlessness.
    Dreams about wisdom teeth falling out are most likely related to feelings of powerlessness in your life. You have a sense of being out of control. This dream may be about your job, finances, family, social life, or romantic life.
  2. Vanity
    experiencing a dream of your wisdom tooth (or numerous teeth) falling out, you are being warned about the unfolded vanity. It could be directed towards insecurities about your physical appearance and the concerns about the perception of others in you.
  3. Problems with communication
    Our mouths are the most important tool during communication. It makes it obvious that a dream about a mouth or wisdom tooth falling out would represent a communication problem. You may find it tough to speak up for yourself and express how you feel, or you may find it difficult to communicate with others.
  4. Health issues
    A dream about wisdom teeth falling out may have something to do with your health. Not only may it be your oral wellness, but it can also be your physical or spiritual well-being, as well as the meals you eat.
  5. Unhappiness.
    Dreaming with your wisdom teeth falling out could indicate that you are losing your youthful vitality, outlook, and motivation. It could indicate that you are not happy with who you have become as an adult, including your accomplishments, work, marriage, and so on.

If one of your top wisdom teeth falls out, it signals a loss in your profession; for instance, this may be someone who has recently retired or lost their employment position for whatever reason. Similarly, those who rely on tips for a living may be losing finances.

If the dream is about the bottom wisdom tooth falling out, it could indicate a loss of income.

However, this could also indicate a lack of passion for work/life concerns or a sense that things are deteriorating after a period of improvement.

Dreaming of wisdom teeth being pulled out.

Dreaming of wisdom teeth being pulled out
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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This dream may depict you sitting in the dentist’s room while your teeth are being removed.

This is linked to sentiments of self-dissatisfaction. You are aspiring to do something, but it’s turning out to be more difficult than you anticipated.

This kind of dream means that you are having issues in your life like:

  1. Money problems
    Dreaming with your teeth being removed means that something is valuable is being pulled out of your life. If you are financially stable, this dream could be a warning sign of embedding financial issues.
  2. Success struggles
    Dreaming of your wisdom teeth being pulled out indicates that you are having problems accomplishing your goals. Maybe every time you plan something, it just fails. This is a spiritual issue that needs healing. Some people believe that doing affirmation can help you overcome such problems. For instance, repeatedly saying “I am successful” and believing it can help heal your success issues.

It also suggests that there may be a problem with authority persons in your current circumstances, so pay closer attention to them.

This dream could also indicate that someone close to you is attempting to circumvent societal standards and regulations.

  1. Relationship problems
    Dreams of your teeth being pulled out may indicate relationship issues. Dating, friendship, and marriages are common relationships that people have. It is a warning sign of your relationship. For instance, if you are married and you experience such a dream, it shows that there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Dreaming of wisdom teeth growing in.

This is an indicator of new beginnings. New beginnings can be in both physical and spiritual aspects.

It could mean that your life is changing in a positive direction.
This signifies a breakthrough in some problems.

Dreaming of wisdom teeth growing in may means that a certain problem has come to an end. It could be financial issues, health issues, marriage issues, and so on.

It also indicates that you are about to make a significant life shift.

So be keen on the upcoming events and be conscious of the decisions you’re making at the moment since they’ll have an impact on what occurs next.

The dream of developing wisdom teeth represents self-assurance, beauty, brilliance, and the ability to express oneself freely.

You will triumph over your current difficulties. It’s possible that you’re voicing doubts about your spirituality.

Your dream is a signal to you about how open you are to new ideas and experiences. You have a natural ability to grasp new concepts.

Dreams of wisdom not yet grown.

These dream dreams may have the following spiritual meanings.


Dreaming with a delayed eruption of wisdom teeth may indicate loneliness and feel empty.

Maybe something is lacking in your life or has been taken away from your life, and this may leave feelings of loneliness.

Also, it could be an indicator that something valuable is about to be taken away from your life.

Delayed life growths

Dreaming with delayed wisdom teeth signifies that you are lagging behind in some life aspects.

There is a level that you are supposed to be at, but you are not due to some issues. You may look around and find out that all your peers are ahead of you, which means you have delayed life growth.

Other spiritual meaning of wisdom teeth.

How to Heal Teeth Issues Spiritually
How to Heal Teeth Issues Spiritually

• If they are extremely tight and uncomfortable, you are placing too much strain on yourself and should learn to be calm.

If they are not painful, but they are loose and shaky, it means you need to concentrate more and be less reckless with your actions.

• Wisdom teeth emerge last, following the rest of the teeth, which means wisdom develops with age; one cannot possess wisdom at a young age.

It takes years for wisdom to emerge within oneself. The older you get, the more wisdom you possess.

• Dreaming of wisdom teeth indicates an impending transformation in your waking life; thus, the lesson of this dream should not be overlooked!

• Dreaming of wisdom teeth coming out for the first time indicates that you are receptive to new ideas and experiences. Whatever is going on in your life right now will also teach you a lot.

• Some people have negative emotions about wisdom teeth, just like in life. They are commonly acknowledged as an important part of one’s existence.

Just Without them, a person would not be able to acquire all of the necessary knowledge and insight to mature fully.

• A dream involving a shattered wisdom tooth indicates that you are going to learn vital information.

You’re going to tremendous lengths to get your hands on something, even if it involves using dubious methods.

Your emotional life is causing you to be frustrated. It’s a sign of your need for self-expression and creativity. You’re confronted with an inner or external problem.

• Because wisdom teeth do not appear until the late teenage years, dreaming of them foreshadows a significant change in life at that particular age.

You’ll soon be independent and stop relying on other people’s assistance.

• Someone is attempting to coach or guide you towards adulthood if you dream of being given wisdom teeth.

Issues that Arise When the Wisdom Teeth begin to Grow in Opposite Directions.

Impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are the ones that do not manage to come through the gum line.

Other teeth can hinder them, and instead of coming out, they tend to remain under the jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth cause severe pain, infections, and swollen gums.

They can also damage other teeth and nervous systems in the jaw. The solution for impacted wisdom teeth is extraction. The followings are the different types of impacted teeth;

Mesioangular impacted teeth-

It means the wisdom teeth lining forward in the direction of the mouth. This kind of impaction can misalign other teeth.

Horizontally impacted teeth- This means that the wisdom teeth are lying at 180 degrees angle. It means there are no chances of it coming out of the gums.

Distoangular impacted teeth- Means the wisdom teeth are tilted toward the back of the mouth and away from the second molar.

Vertically impacted teeth occur when wisdom teeth are positioned rightly but fail to come out of the jawline.

The Truth Behind Formation of wisdom teeth.

Charles Darwin, a biologist, named wisdom teeth vestigial organ, meaning a body organ that did have a specific use in the past but lost meaning over time.

Our forefathers considered wisdom teeth as a bonus. Due to poor teeth hygiene, they used to feed on unhealthy and rough food, which damaged their teeth.

By the time the wisdom teeth erupt, all other teeth had fallen off due to decay and other teeth diseases.

Therefore, they considered wisdom teeth a bonus. And since the jaws were empty, the experience of having wisdom teeth was not painful.

Due to the evolution and discoveries of oral hygiene, today’s wisdom teeth erupt while the rest of the teeth are intact.

Wisdom teeth squeeze themselves between the molars causing pain. The pain is also caused by abnormal growth of the wisdom teeth, which is indifferent direction.

However, some people never grow wisdom teeth; only around 35% of the population has them. Are we on the verge of eradicating them completely?

According to some specialists, these teeth may eventually vanish. The involvement of DNA in the formation of wisdom teeth remains unknown to scientists.

Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that mature completely after birth. Because these teeth aren’t there at birth, nature may have an easier time eliminating them.

The tissue that initiates the tooth-building process must migrate back into the mouth and connect with the back jaw tissue to generate wisdom teeth.

Myths Associated with Wisdom Teeth

There are several myths revolving around wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are useless.

Most people believe that wisdom teeth have no use, which is a myth because they have a meaning.

They help in emotional balancing and healing. They mark the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood.

Wisdom teeth should be removed.

This is a myth because not all wisdom teeth are removed. Some people remove wisdom teeth if they are impacted and are causing severe problems. In fact, wisdom teeth are just like other teeth only that it erupts last.

Every person has wisdom teeth.

This myth is so close to being true, but what I tell you not everyone has wisdom teeth.

Some people have one or two teeth, and others have them under the gum, while others do not have them at all.

Lacking wisdom teeth should not be considered a health problem unless one has some other complications.

X-rays and regular dental checks up can help predict how wisdom teeth will germinate.
This is not true because it is not possible to do so.

Drinking after wisdom teeth extraction is harmless.

One of the instructions dentists give after a tooth extraction is to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Drinking after your teeth have been removed opens up to other complications like gum infections and bleeding.

Wrapping up

Spiritual Meaning Of Wisdom Teeth,

When it comes to wisdom teeth, everyone’s experience is different.

The state of the teeth will determine whether they need to be extracted or if the pain and swelling can be controlled with medication.

Wisdom teeth have a spiritual significance, as well as dream interpretation. They also aid in emotional healing and regulation.

Wisdom tooth pain indicates that you are afraid of some aspects of life.

The fear could be the product of past life experiences or the dread instilled by others.

It could also be a sign of deeper inner agony that one goes through on a daily basis. Physical healing is required before spiritual healing can occur.

Dreaming about wisdom teeth has a metaphysical connotation.

Cavities are caused by tooth decay which arises from bacterial infection.

Cavities on the wisdom teeth indicate that you cling to and believe people’s judgmental and critical statements.

It’s also a sign of low self-esteem and a sense of being unworthy and unwanted. The dream indicates that something in your life is about to change dramatically, either for the better or for the worst.

Dreaming about your wisdom teeth coming out could indicate that you’re dealing with an issue.

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